The powerful and transformative joy of dance can be engaged with at any age, regardless of physical ability or experience.

Hannah’s Adult Dance Practice

My Adult ballet classes started over ten years ago and coincided with some significant changes in my world, one of which was my physical ability. Because of this, my life-long relationship with ballet and dance in general had to change – in a positive way!

I discovered that I could move beyond an ingrained belief of the ballet/dance ideal (where individual physical perfectionism was paramount), and instead into an unlimited exploration of its many artistic layers and physical disciplines. My historical and learned approach to a physical technique (a battlefield between body and mind) changed to allow for an exciting and graceful process of discovery - where our physical limitations are worked with and not against. This way of working gave rise to what is now my underlying philosophy throughout all my adult dance work.

My classes and retreats are open to any age, ability or gender and are available to join at any time. They engage with an artistry of expression and physical technique, in a non-competitive, non-judgemental and supportive environment. All the classes, regardless of discipline, are delivered from my embodied mosaic of trained dance styles and continuing interest in both pedagogical and andragogical practice. They are a joyful celebration of our maturing years and a testament to the paths we have walked.

Having taught mature adults for over ten years, I feel privileged to have witnessed the empowerment, self-confidence, and healing dance can provide. All my classes and retreats embody the joy of new communities growing from a shared passion - a real meeting of minds that love music, and dance in all its glory. Above all, dance is an art form that can return us to our body without prejudice, and by doing so, provide us freedom.

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Silver Swans

The Silver Swans programme designed by the Royal Academy of Dance is primarily for the over-55s (though all ages and abilities are welcomed). The classes have been seen to improve mobility, posture, co-ordination and energy levels. They are also a great way to meet new people and form long-lasting friendships with a shared passion.

Classes embody the traditional form of ballet and provide a gentle yet challenging form of exercise to beautiful music. They are suitable for complete beginners as well as those with some previous experience. I am a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Silver Swans licencee/registered teacher and a passionate advocate of this initiative. I was chosen to pilot the Silver Swans programme in Wales during its initial stages and feel privileged to have witnessed the incredible joy that ballet can bring to older learners.

All my adult students from around the county participate in exciting events and activities outside of their classwork. To discover more about these events view our current  class timetables or, subscribe at the top of the page to receive our exciting news, events and offers first! - via email.

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Adult Tap

Tap, the glorious artistry of creating music with your feet and a form that gained notorious popularity in the golden age of musical film – think Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly.

Tap is still fundamental to choreography today in theatre and film, and is a discipline that can be learnt and enjoyed at any age. The classes are a good form of cardiovascular conditioning and can help to strengthen our bodies and improve co-ordination and balance.

Tap is a stylish and energetic form of dance and the classes can sometimes even include the odd bowler hat and cane!

All my adult students from around the county participate in exciting events and activities outside of their classwork. To discover more about these events and current class timetables CLICK HERE OR - SUBSCRIBE at the top of the page to receive our exciting news, events and offers first! - via email.

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Luxury Adult Ballet Retreats for the over-50s

Re-charging our batteries physically, mentally and emotionally can sometimes be incredibly hard in the hectic wheel of life and why the Tranquil Swans has been created. The Tranquil Swan retreats combines two things: a daily ballet class programme that is unique to Hannah’s Adult Dance Practice ethos together with the luxurious benefits of staying in a spa hotel. The Tranquil Swan retreats will always ensure that there is plenty of Ballet dancing, fabulous food, welcoming company, space to breathe, quality accommodation and an evening group activity that will be unique to each retreat. Click below for further information about our Tranquil Swan retreats.

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Hannah’s Silver Swans and adult tappers from around Wales performing together on stage in Pembrokeshire - 2019

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Adult Dance Testimonials

Silver Swans:

"This class is a joy to attend, guaranteed to make you feel better on the way out than the way in. Its been wonderful to reconnect with the ballet that I loved as a child, albeit some 48 years later! Hannah is a wonderful teacher, always encouraging. Beautiful music and great classmates. Highly recommended." (The Mumbles)

Silver Swans:

"Joining Adult Dance (Silver Swans) has been a total revelation to me. Exercise, dance, ballet routine and above all fun. Our teacher, Hannah, is enthusiastic, encouraging and engages us all in an hour of the most enjoyable, music driven movement and exercise. There are no barriers here – whether you are an accomplished dancer or just a beginner – all are welcome. I can not recommend the sessions enough." (Monmouth)

Silver Swans:

"Best exercise ever and with the added bonus of beautiful music and a wonderful teacher. I couldn’t ask for more. The Adult Ballet classes are a delight. Never thought that I would perform on stage in the ballet for the first time at 66 years old, but I did thanks to Hannah’s guidance and encouragement. I love my lessons in Lisvane and my fellow dancers are brilliant. A great crowd. Wouldn’t miss it for the world." (Lisvane)

Adult Ballet

"Adult Ballet classes are so much fun, a really relaxed atmosphere and perfect for beginners or former dancers. Helped me realise a years-long ambition to try ballet, and seven years on I am still enjoying it." (Haverfordwest)

Tap and Silver Swans:

"Hannah is an inspiration making classes fun and welcoming for any age and ability. Her classes are completely inclusive and her encouragement and patience unfailing. If you have danced or never danced before, you will feel completely at home." (Monmouth)

Silver Swans:

"I’m 33 but can still do it! Its not just for older ladies. I have only been once but it was excellent! Proper ballet and taught by a beautiful ballerina! Can’t wait to go again." (The Mumbles)

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