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The School

On Your Toes School of Dancing is an established and renowned dance school located in Haverfordwest/Pembrokeshire. It prides itself on delivering a worthwhile dance education to both those that enjoy dance as a hobby alongside those who are preparing for a career in dance and theatre.

The school offers outstanding dance tuition in Ballet, Tap and Jazz and follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) syllabi. The class levels range from beginners through to pre-professional Vocational grades in all genres and are for children aged three upwards. All our students can take part in examinations that are held twice a year as well as perform on stage in our end of year showcase.

The objective of our school is to provide students with a dance education that imparts skills for lifelong benefit and a secure foundational training for future careers within the industry. Above all, our aim is to nurture a student’s love of dance in a welcoming environment and inspire each individual to discover their unique potential. Click here for the school timetable.

The Dance Examination Bodies

The RAD is one of the world’s most influential dance education organisations and is recognised as setting the standard in the teaching of classical ballet worldwide. It provides an engaging syllabus with an emphasis on classical technique and dance expression and its prestigious examinations are recognised for their quality around the word.

The IDTA is a well respected and high calibre examination board that includes the theatre dance disciplines of Tap and Modern Jazz. Its syllabi provide the necessary technique for a career in the theatre arts and a robust training for a professional dance future.

Both the RAD and IDTA work in partnership with Ofqual and their examinations are recognised on the qualifications and credit framework (QCF). Higher grades and vocational exams can be used towards UCAS points for university applications.

Our Classes

Pre-school: Dance to Your Own Tune

Movement, Music and Magic for Children aged 3-4 years

These playful yet structured classes encourage creativity alongside the development of physical skills. Through storytelling and learning activities children will discover and learn:

  • musical sensitivity and emotional expression through movement;
  • body awareness, control and co-ordination;
  • confidence and interactive skills;
  • build a strong and trusting student and teacher relationship.

‘Behind all the fun, they’ll be prepared for a transition to ballet and dance genres at higher levels.’ (RAD,

Pre-primary and Primary from age 5

Pre-primary and Primary classes facilitate an introductory exploration of ballet technique through fun exercises, mime, storytelling and the use of props. Students are encouraged to co-operate in group dances, and in Primary they will gain ability to learn movement combinations and perform short solo pieces. Physical and creative skills will be developed by:

  • emotional and creative expression through movement and music;
  • physical awareness, control and co-ordination;
  • movement in patterns and through space;
  • a sense of co-operative team work;
  • ability and confidence to take simple direction from the teacher.

Grades 1 - 8

The RAD graded syllabus follows a deliberate methodology which develops the students' technique and embodied understanding of an extensive ballet vocabulary. They will learn and progress in classical barre and centre work, free movement and Character studies.

The higher grades demand an artistic approach and provide a beautiful, challenging opportunity to bring together the students' classical training, matured emotional expression and performance confidence.

Throughout the grades students will develop:

  • creative, emotional and lyrical expression through music and movement;
  • body and spatial awareness, alignment and co-ordination;
  • core strength, physical fitness and stamina;
  • performance technique and confidence;
  • teamwork and the ability to follow choreographic direction.

Professional Vocational Examinations – from Grade 5

The Vocational RAD syllabus provides the training necessary for those students wishing to pursue a career in dance and/or for the more committed student. There is rigorous attention to classical technique throughout the class work, as well as the demand of pointe work training.

Examination at this level will be at discretion of the teacher.

On Your Toes is the only dance school in Pembrokeshire to offer examinations at this vocational level.

Modern Jazz Classes

A great jazz dancer owns their dancing with power, technique, confidence and style: training in jazz is imperative for the successful stage dancer. While firmly rooted in its own technique, jazz is unique in its flexibility to embrace other forms and styles and has evolved in parallel with popular music and dance throughout the ages.

On Your Toes School of Dancing delivers fun, high energy and exhilarating classes in which students can learn and progress in the technique, strength and flexibility which are required for this powerful dance form. Through the IDTA syllabus, students can experience the varied characteristics and styles that this form offers, while building performance confidence and musicality.

Tap Classes

Tap, the glorious artistry of creating music with your feet and a form which gained notorious popularity in the golden age of musical film - think Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gene Kelly. Still fundamental to choreography in theatre and film, tap is regularly seen in West End and Broadway shows such as Tap Dogs, Stomp, 42nd Street and the Hollywood films Chicago, The Artist and La La Land.

Students will progress through basic step sequences to develop the control and co-ordination necessary for fast, defined footwork; they will develop a great sense of rhythm and timing and a fantastic musicality. Tap is also great for cardiovascular conditioning, strength, balance and co-ordination.

Pembrokeshire School Testimonials

"I studied at On Your Toes from the age of 4 through to 18 where I left to study a dance and musical theatre degree at Bird College in London. Through my time at On Your Toes, Hannah has driven and guided me like another mum, to be where I am today, pushing me to achieve the very best I can in all I did at the school, including RAD ballet grades from pre-primary to Intermediate Vocational exams and also two large end of year productions.

Without Hannah and Francessca’s guidance and outstanding, professional level of teaching, I would never have made it to where I am now, not only in my dance training but experiences in life too. The school is such a nurturing and encouraging place to train and the very best for discipline and professionalism, training dancers from all backgrounds and levels to be confident and feel and be truly amazing."

Chloe Morgan

Dance School:

"On Your Toes School of Dance helped me develop into the professional dancer I am today - I wouldn’t have found the confidence to even go to college to study dance, let alone to university, without the support of Hannah and Fran. They both push you to develop to your potential while being patient and supportive along the way. Every time I visit home I can’t help but come along to class and be in the presence of their infectious love for dance."


Dance School:

"Miss Hannah is a wonderful teacher. Our daughter adores ballet with her. Miss Hannah is a very talented teacher who takes her pupils on a magic journey of dance in each class, I love hearing about their adventures in class and watching all that they have learnt. A dedicated teacher who is passionate and well loved by all xx"


Dance School:

"On Your Toes School Of Dancing is a school where the four of us buck sisters have danced. We are all very proud that it has been a part of out life for the last 14 years and that’s down to the incredible dance teacher Hannah La Trobe: one of life’s gems, a teacher but also a friend. From her generosity to going above and beyond as a teacher we have all learnt so much from her and will be forever thankful. The youngest of the Buck sisters is still currently dancing. The school is just as fantastic and she continues to thrive with Hannah’s support and guidance. Hannah has proven that dance is a skill that every child should be able to learn. We’re so thankful our Mum introduced us to this school."


"Hannah has taught me dance from the age of 3. She has helped shape me into the woman I am today by teaching me how to express myself in the most freeing and soul-fulfilling way. Without Hannah, I wouldn't be teaching dance myself, doing a job that I love!

"Hannah is a truly excellent and inspiring teacher with a passion for her dance school and students. Anyone would be lucky to be a part of her On Your Toes School Of Dancing family."


"I trained with Hannah at OYT school of dancing from age 14 until leaving to train professionally in London at 19. The foundation of technique that I was able to learn gave me such a great beginning for my professional career. Hannah is such a wonderful, caring and supportive teacher that wants the best from everyone and it is partly thanks to her that I have found so much success in the industry. I cannot thank her enough and encourage anyone, at any age, to learn from her wonderful instruction."


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